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kikouri (샤오뤼) (최종 아름답습니다.)
19 April
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My name is Jade and i'm a Sr. at my high school. I love anime, Corbin Bleu though he has changed alot since I first knew of him, Michael Jackson (may he R.I.P.), Super Junior, the most epic boyband EVER, and DBSK, a close second to SuJu. Me and my friends in the N.E.R.R. Squad love to dance to Para Para songs as well as DBSK and SuJu songs. I like to write fanfics though I usually don't finish them or I lose confidence and don't post them. *sigh* Oh well I'll get over that eventually I hope. I look forward to meeting new friends here and GREAT JOB to those fanfics I've already read.